Inkdeath cvr
Author: Cornelia Funke
Cover Artist: N/A
Publish Date:
Editions: Hardcover
The Inkworld saga comes to a close as Meggie and Farid search for a way to bring Dustfinger back to life. Meanwhile, Mo reluctantly obliges to protect the peasants of the Inkworld as his alter ego, the Bluejay. The story of Inkheart has been twisted and meddled with in unimaginable ways, but can it be restored?

Inkdeath (German title Tintentod) is the third book in the Inkworld trilogy. The plot resumes only a few weeks after Inkspell left off; it chronicles Farid and Meggie's mission of bringing Dustfinger, who died at the end of Inkspell, back to life.

a story [ ]

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