Mortola the Magpie
Current Affiliation: Human World
Past Affiliation(s): Inkworld
Book Appearances: Inkheart, Inkspell
Son: Capricorn
Allies: Capricorn

Mortola is often described as "the Magpie" because of her facial features.



Mortola takes Basta's job as keeper of the keys for Capricorn. It is said that she always follows Capricorn wherever he moved. It is revealed at the end that she is Capricorn's mother. When Capricorn dies, she is devastated.


        Mortola gets Orpheus to read her and Basta into inkheart but she also takes Mo and Resa. Once there she shoots MO and leaves him. Later she becomes an allie with the adderhead and makes him go after Mo and Meggie saying Mo is the Bluejay. The Adderhead listens to her advice and gets them but ignores her when Meggie is trying to make a Deal with the adderhead ( the book of blank pages ). 

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