Current Affiliation: Inkworld
Past Affiliation(s): Past Groups
Book Appearances: Inkspell
Dustfinger,unamed second husband
Brianna, Rosanna
Allies: Nettle

Roxane was once a minstrel but now grows herbs from healers like Nettle.

Description Edit

Roxane is described in the book as a beautiful woman with black hair, pinned back like a farmer's wife, and dark eyes and wearing a brown dress.

History Edit

Roxane is Dustfinger's beautiful wife, and the mother of his two daughters: Brianna, who works as a servent to Violante at The Laughing Prince's castle, and Rosanna, who died of fever during the ten years that Dustfinger was away.

Roxane, assuming that Dustfinger was dead, remarried a poor farmer and had a son, Jehan, by him. When Dustfinger returned to his former home Roxane thought Farid was Dustfinger's son by another woman.

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